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"Unfortunately, I was unable to finish the race today. The pain in my ankle just got to be too much. The situation got worse day by day and, also thinking of the next race in Mugello, we decided to contain the damage. We will continue working on recovery now, trying to rest the ankle and [...]


Second Day in Le Mans

"Having to tackle conditions like today for the first time with a new bike is certainly not easy. In Q1, a lot of riders started on slicks, managing to do a flying lap in the few moments of dry track, whereas when I went out, it started raining again. My time with rain tyres wasn’t [...]

Second Day in Le Mans2019-05-18T15:22:03+00:00

First Day in Le Mans

"I'm still not at 100% with the ankle. I am suffering a bit in braking because of the pain, but that is not what is limiting us the most. We are working on trying to stop the bike better. Braking is where we struggle the most and that then compromises the other riding phases, like [...]

First Day in Le Mans2019-05-17T17:36:06+00:00

Le Mans

"I have positive feelings as I head to Le Mans. In Jerez, we were able to figure out a few important things. It is a small step forward that will also help us in France. We still need to see how much my foot will bother me. In any case, I have been working hard [...]

Le Mans2019-05-16T13:09:12+00:00

First Day in Jerez

"We’re working well. Today I compared the two bikes, which are set up differently, clarifying our ideas on a few aspects. We need to find the right compromise, but I found a better feeling than I expected to. Right now, it seems like we can do more, especially in braking. We need to slow the [...]

First Day in Jerez2019-05-08T15:13:47+00:00


"The final position isn't bad, but more importantly, we added another notch to our belt in terms of growth, accumulating experience. My only disappointment is that I wasn’t able to maintain the pace in the last seven laps. The bike got twitchier and more difficult to ride. Without this drop in performance, we would have [...]


Second Day in Texas

"Not a simple day. I particularly struggled in qualifying with the soft tyre. The balance of the bike changes a lot when the grip conditions change, and it makes a big difference here. We need to stay positive. Right now, getting to the point where we have a bike that is easier to ride is [...]

Second Day in Texas2019-04-15T09:16:34+00:00

First Day in Texas

“The positive side of today is that we assessed the various tyre choices for the race, identifying the ones that seem to work better. This morning, we were rather competitive, whereas in the second session, we were unable to exploit the soft tyres on the flying lap and that kept us from improving. We need [...]

First Day in Texas2019-04-13T07:43:39+00:00


"On this track, we struggled in a bit of a strange way, because our difficulties began when the grip increased. Usually, performance increases with more grip, so understanding this anomaly needs to be our primary goal. I’m not worried. I know what my potential is and I have faith in Aprilia’s work. Even today, if [...]


Second Day in Argentina

"We need to understand what happened. This morning I did not find the same bike as yesterday. We made some changes that did not give us the expected results. To the contrary, we went in the opposite direction and when we went back, we did not re-create the same conditions as Friday. The telemetry data [...]

Second Day in Argentina2019-03-31T15:07:06+00:00