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"I am rather happy with the race today. In spite of starting from very far back, I was able to recover a lot of positions and engage in a fun battle with my teammate for the top ten. Compared to yesterday and Friday, we were able to find a good pace, although the front tyre [...]


Second Day in Valencia

"Unfortunately, the bike continues to give me strange sensations, especially on the front. The low temperatures certainly don’t help us and, compared to yesterday, we were unable to make the necessary steps forward. When a weekend starts the wrong way, like what has happened here, we struggle to sort it. This is an aspect we [...]

Second Day in Valencia2019-11-17T17:59:28+00:00

First Day in Valencia

"There isn’t much to say about today. Unfortunately, I didn’t find the right feeling with the bike on this track. It is a general feeling. Right now, I'm struggling to think of a solution off the top of my head. What I can do is keep working with my team, analysing the data and trying [...]

First Day in Valencia2019-11-15T16:40:32+00:00


"It was a strange race. I didn't have a bad pace, but I was slow in speed, staying in the slipstream for a long time and things did not improve. The temperatures began to rise, including the front tyre temperature, and I struggled until the crash. We have work to do, but I have peace [...]


Second Day in Sepang

"Unfortunately, this is a track that does not hide our limitations, so we need to face a reality that is not very easy. In the first two sectors performance is good, whereas the second half of the track gives us some trouble. We tested rather different setups and we still have some things to test [...]

Second Day in Sepang2019-11-02T12:59:36+00:00

First Day in Sepang

"When I had my crash during FP2 I was lapping well with used tyres. Unfortunately, we lost time in the two sessions due to a few technical problems, so that puts us at a disadvantage in preparing for the race. We can catch up and we’ll give it our all. I hope tomorrow is a [...]

First Day in Sepang2019-11-01T20:52:11+00:00


"It was a positive race for us, but we worked well throughout the weekend. I had a good feeling straight away and I realised from the first practice session that it would be a good opportunity for us. There were obviously many details that helped, beginning with the characteristics of this track, and it’s a [...]


Second Day in Phillip Island

"Given the conditions, there was no other choice. With this wind and the low temperatures, it is really too dangerous to ride. In the meeting, the majority of the riders were in agreement on suspending track activity. We’ll assess the situation tomorrow morning."

Second Day in Phillip Island2019-10-26T12:14:07+00:00

First Day in Phillip Island

"Today I had decidedly positive sensations. It’s a pity I wasn’t able to do a good fast lap, but we preferred working on a bike with a quite different setup. In any case, I am rather serene and confident. We need to put a few ideas together to improve, but I think this can be [...]

First Day in Phillip Island2019-10-25T13:37:53+00:00

Second Day in Motegi

"Unfortunately today we were never able to find the pace, both in the wet and when the track was drying off. In qualifying, due to a technical problem I had to use the second bike on the last outing, compromising my starting position. It will be another difficult race."

Second Day in Motegi2019-10-19T16:57:16+00:00