Second Day in Silverstone

"In terms of tyre selection and race configuration, we have rather clear ideas. Unfortunately, we still have the chattering problem which really limited me. We’ll see if the guys are able to find some solution that will allow me to gain confidence and close the gap, even compared to Aleix. It will not be simple, but we’ll [...]

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First Day in Silverstone

"It was a good day overall in terms of feeling, especially in race pace practice with hard tyres. I was unable to fully exploit the soft at the end of FP2 and that’s a shame. We could have had a chance at the top 10 today. In any case, we still have marginto work with to improve [...]

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We did not exactly finish the race in the best way, but I am happy about the sensations I had in the saddle throughout the weekend. I rode to my full potential and “ the result is not the one we had expected. It’s a pity about the problem in the final clearlylaps, because I was right there with [...]


Second Day in Spielberg

“My feelings in the saddle were good today, although I can't be satisfied with the position I earned in qualifying. From FP1 on, we were able to improve a lot and our pace is not bad. Tomorrow it will be important not to lose too much ground in the first 5 laps, after which, I [...]

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First Day in Spielberg

"I won’t deny that we are encountering some difficulties. Besides the gap, we struggle to maintain a good pace. Since we are at the limit, we need to force a lot and that does not pay off over race distance. In any case, we need to stay focused. The conditions could change and we need [...]

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"Unfortunately, we struggled throughout the weekend. In the race, I tried to manage the tyre in the first part so that I could try to recover in the finale, but it wasn’t enough. Tomorrow we have an important day of tests. We need to react and focus on being more reactive. Despite the difficulties, we will [...]


Second Day in Brno

"It was a difficult day and tomorrow will be hard, but we need to keep looking forward and working hard. Of course, the conditions in both FP3 and in qualifying did not help us. Even a situation of full-on rain would have been much better, but the truth is that we need to improve, believe [...]

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First Day in Brno

  "It was a difficult first day and, to be honest, I did not expect it to be. Instead, we struggled with various aspects. We need to try to make a radical change. It seems like the bike is rather sensitive to the dips, but that is not the only area we need to concentrate [...]

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