Second Day in Argentina

"We need to understand what happened. This morning I did not find the same bike as yesterday. We made some changes that did not give us the expected results. To the contrary, we went in the opposite direction and when we went back, we did not re-create the same conditions as Friday. The telemetry data [...]

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First Day in Argentina

“I'm pleased because we are continuing on the path we had set out for ourselves. We started well today and ended the day a half a second from the winner of the last race. This is an improvement that I don’t think anyone expected from Aprilia in such a short amount of time. The team [...]

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"Overall, it was a positive race. On my début with Aprilia, we finished 14 seconds behind the leader and that means that we worked well. There was no lack of difficulties: on the first turn I lost the left winglet due to contact and that certainly didn’t help. I am pleased, we improve every time [...]


Second Day in Qatar

"The conditions were rather difficult today at the time when the race will be held with a lot of wind and low temperatures. If it is like this tomorrow, it will not be simple for anyone. The qualifiers didn’t go remarkably well, but I'm definitely in better shape with used tyres. From the tenth lap [...]

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First Day in Qatar

"It did not go wrong, considering that I did not use two soft time attack tires like the opponents but only one, with these temperatures the average tire is not the most performing, we have seen it during the tests. but I'm always in the habit of working with the race in mind: clearly in [...]

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Qatar, 3 intense days

Three days of very intense tests. I Aleix and test driver Bradley Smith are ready for this new season. There is great satisfaction within the team. "The last day was the most positive day of this test session, I did not focus on the position in the standings, we had another tire to make [...]

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Second Day in Spielberg

"The feeling with the bike was good but I was not fast, I prefer to have less feeling but to be at the top! We're struggling on acceleration, top speed and grip and it's hard to control. first and finish in a good position. "

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Austrian GP

"It was very difficult for me, from the start I did not have good grip on the back and I could not accelerate well, I was losing something on the front and the other riders overtook me, I was recovering a bit under braking but it was very difficult to overtake. Pedrosa passed me [...]

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First day at Silverstone

"With the new asphalt the track seems more slippery and the situation is generally strange because we all expected better conditions.The bike moves a lot.The feeling with the bike is not bad but we are still far from the first riders.We have to improve a lot, especially braking and accelerating.In the first part of [...]

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Second Day at Silverstone

"Today the conditions were very difficult, I think that tomorrow, if it rains, it will not run in. I hope that if it rains there will be the standard conditions.It was very difficult to manage the situation because we went in water-pallning in the braking points and almost 80% of the track was slippery, [...]

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